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app_logo215-Get-A-Cab is Philadelphia's premier taxicab dispatch company, offering the city's largest fleet of technologically advanced taxicabs. We offer fast, friendly and reliable taxi dispatch services. Whether you need a cab now or want to book in advance, 215-Get-A-Cab helps you get to your destination quickly and easily!

We serve customers throughout the city and offer wheelchair accessible vehicles as well as sedans, SUVs and minivans.

No credit card is required and never any cancellation fees or surge pricing!

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    How Much Do Taxicabs Charge In Philadelphia?

    Rates are set by the Philadelphia Parking Authority so you never have to worry about surge pricing!

    Metered Rate

    • First 1/10 mile (flag drop) or fraction thereof: $2.70
    • Each additional 1/10 mile or fraction thereof: $0.25
    • Each 37.6 seconds of wait time: $0.25

    Flat Rate Trips Between the Center City Zone and the Airport

    Flat Rate Zone Boundaries

    • The flat rate is charged in lieu of the metered rate by all Medallion Taxicabs for trips between the Philadelphia International Airport and the Center City Zone. Effective July 1, 2017, as expanded by Authority Order 17-004, the Flat Rate Zone is defined as the area between the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers and between Washington Avenue on the south and Fairmount Avenue on the north. West of the Schuylkill River, the northern boundary continues west along the north side of 30th Street Station on 2900 Arch Street then southward on 30th Street to its intersection with Market Street. The boundary proceeds west along the north side of Market Street to 48th Street, south on 48th Street to Spruce Street and east on Spruce Street to its intersection with South Street.

    Flat Rate Zone Trip Rates (Effective February 6, 2023)

    • Flat Rate from the Center City Zone to the Airport: $32.00 per one way trip regardless of the number of passengers.
    • Flat Rate from the Airport to the Center City Zone: $32.00 per one way trip for one (1) passenger. A $1.00 per passenger surcharge for each additional passenger after the first will be added to the meter after the flat rate fee is engaged on the meter by the driver after leaving the Airport. This applies only to passengers over the age of twelve (12). If the trip necessitates a drop-off at more than one destination in the Center City Zone, the following applies: the flat rate and all additional per passenger surcharges of $1.00 each are to be collected upon departure of the first passenger in the Center City Zone. The driver will then reset the meter initiating a new flag drop using the standard meter rates above for each of the remaining passengers if each requires a separate drop-off.

    Airport Egress Fee & Minimum Airport Fares

    • The $1.50 Airport egress fee shall be added to all metered fares leaving the Philadelphia International Airport.
    • The minimum fare that will include the egress fee for any trip starting at an airport cabstand at the Airport shall be $12.00.
    • The Airport egress fee will not be added to any trip that is being charged the flat rate to the Center City Zone as described above.


    • Tolls are to be paid by the customer to cover round-trips. Tolls that are only charged one-way such as the bridges to New Jersey must be paid regardless of the direction of travel. Tolls that are charged each way such as turnpike tolls shall be doubled to compensate the driver for the return trip.


    • There is no additional charge for handling baggage or other items that can be safely carried in the vehicle.

    Fuel Surcharge

    * Tips are not included in the fare
    ** Fares are per cab, not per person